Two American Poets

Wallace Stevens & William Carlos Williams

From the

Collection of Alan M. Klein

Inscribed to his Son, Paul Williams

Paul Herman Williams (1917-2003) – the second of Williams’s two sons – married Virginia Carnes (“Jinny”) in 1941 and they had three children: Paul, Jr., Raymond and Suzanne. From September 1944 to March 1946, while Paul was serving in the Navy during WWII, Jinny and the children moved into 9 Ridge Road in Rutherford with Flossie and Bill. In letters to Pound and Zukofsky from this period, Williams speaks fondly of life with his daughter-in-law and young grandchildren, and was pleased that upon Paul’s return, the family settled nearby. Later on Paul and Jinny separated and, after a trial reunification, ultimately divorced, which accounts for Williams’s shift from joint inscriptions to individual presentations.

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